Mastering Lambdas: Java Programming in a Multicore World
by Maurice Naftalin

Mastering Lambdas: Java Programming in a Multicore World<br>by Maurice Naftalin
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Learn to effectively use Lambda expressions to take full advantage of performance improvements provided by today's multicore hardware

Mastering Lambdas: Java Programming in a Multicore World provides you with a complete grounding in the theory of Lambda expressions, and the rationale for their introduction and use in practice. This Oracle Press guide reviews a simple Java code fragment iterated over a collection, poses different challenges, then delves into the fundamentals of syntax and basic use. The book recommends best practices for adding Lambda expressions to an existing library and explores the changing Collections Framework. You will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of how to implement Lambdas and a solid rationale for the why.

  • Provides complete grounding in the theory and practice of Lambda expressions
  • Author runs a popular tutorial site in collaboration with Oracle's development team,, focused on the new language features in Java
  • Covers the fundamental mind shift, theory and syntax basics behind new Lambda expressions - more than just the how-to

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Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
Page Count (est.): 208
ISBN10: 0071829628
ISBN13: 9780071829625
Cover: Paperback
Pub Date: 4/8/2014