Deal with Your Debt: The Right Way to Manage Your Bills and Pay Off What You Owe
by Liz Pulliam Weston

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Live without debt? On what planet? For most people, it's just not practical. Here's the good news: you can manage your debt so it actually improves your financial well-being. You can pay off debts that are truly toxic and cut the costs of the debts you keep. You can keep debt from getting out of hand, and get smarter about every debt you incur from now on. Read Deal with Your Debt and learn how.

Most people will carry debt for much of their lives...that's just reality. But most books on debt focus mainly on how to pay it all off, and live forever without it. Too often, following that advice leads only to failure. People either give up or pay off the wrong kinds of debt. They strand themselves with too little flexibility to survive a financial crisis and land in bankruptcy court. They neglect saving for retirement, homes, or college, and end up poorer than they should have been.

For most people, it's more realistic—and smarter—to manage debt effectively, rather than eliminate it completely. In Deal with Your Debt, award-winning personal finance columnist Liz Pulliam Weston shows you how. Weston explodes the myths surrounding debt and reveals which debts can actually contribute to your wealth and flexibility. At the same time, she identifies your truly "toxic" debts, helping you pay those off as rapidly as possible.

Deal with Your Debt offers realistic (and often surprising) guidance on everything from home equity loans and 401K borrowing to small business loans. Follow Weston's guidance and you can make debt work for you, not against you!

  • Debt it really the way to be? Not always, and here's why
  • Build your personal three-step debt management plan. Know what you owe, how it fits into your overall portfolio, and what to do next
  • Questions to ask before you tap your home equity. Avoid the hidden pitfalls of home equity borrowing
  • The truth about student loans, car loans, and retirement loans. Know the small print, and save thousands
  • Are you getting in too deep? Recognize debt trouble on the horizon—and prevent it
  • Loans to stay away from at all costs. Stay away from today's new legal loan sharks

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    Pub Date: 8/27/2005