How You Can Profit from Credit Cards: Using Credit to Improve Your Financial Life and Bottom Line
by Curtis E. Arnold

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Banks spend billions to entice credit card customers with rebates, freebies, low introductory rate offers, and airline miles. This book shows you how to take maximum advantage of these special deals—without paying for them through brutally high interest rates, fees, and penalties!

Top independent credit card expert Curtis Arnold reveals how to creatively finance major purchases such as cars, weddings, and condos with little or no interest charges…earn huge credit card “perks” every year…and dramatically reduce your cost of credit. He offers specific advice targeted to: young consumers, retirees facing credit discrimination, Americans recovering from debt problems, and even to consumers with spotless credit.

Why should huge banks and credit card companies make all the money? Get this book, and you too can start earning and saving hundreds, and possibly thousands of dollars, like Curtis has!

  • Unlock the keys to huge credit card savings
  • Find the best rates and balance transfer offers—and make the most of them
  • Fly anywhere, finance anything
  • Use credit cards to earn free airline tickets and cash rebates or for low-cost “creative financing”
  • Don’t get ripped off—by your bank or anyone else
  • Avoid hidden fees, costly small print, and flat-out fraud
  • Slash your debt, and cut your cost of credit
  • Stop throwing away money you could be saving or investing

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    Publisher: FT Press
    Page Count (est.): 327
    ISBN10: 0132353776
    ISBN13: 9780132353779
    Cover: Paperback
    Pub Date: 6/8/2008