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Use "power verbs" to make any presentation, speech, or business pitch more memorable, impactful, and dynamic -- and get what you want! If you're presenting, selling, or speaking in public, every word matters. But some words matter most of all: verbs. Verbs are the catalysts of sentences. Power verbs bring your sentences to life! (Conversely, dull and uninteresting verbs bore and alienate your audience, even if they have no idea why you’re not getting through to them!) Now, in Power Verbs for Presenters , award-winning business communications expert and instructor Dr. Michael Faulkner shows you exactly how to choose action-packed verbs that electrify your communications. Packed with hundreds of verbs and phrases, this concise, easy-to-use guide reveals why certain verbs are so much more powerful, and provides sample sentences showing you exactly how to use them. Using Faulkner's verbs and real-world examples, you can supercharge in-person and written presentations… make more compelling sales pitches… get investors for your business plan… run better meetings… motivate others to participate in your events or contribute to your causes… become a more effective and successful student… influence others more powerfully, no matter what you want to accomplish! For all business professionals who must present or persuade, regardless of their organization, goals, or audiences. This book will be especially valuable for salespeople; entrepreneurs; new graduates just entering the workforce; junior level employees; and undergraduate students in business communication, presentation, and business skills courses.

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Pub Date: 3/2/2013