Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud
by Brendan Gregg

Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud<br>by Brendan Gregg
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The accelerating deployment of large-scale web, cloud, Big Data, and virtualized computing systems has introduced serious new challenges in performance optimization. Until now, however, little reliable, practical information has been available to IT professionals who are responsible for running these systems efficiently and cost-effectively.

Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud is the solution. Internationally renowned performance optimization expert Brendan Gregg brings together state-of-the-art techniques and tools for analysis and tuning of large-scale web/cloud computing environments.

Gregg focuses on Linux/Unix/Solaris performance issues, while offering proven methodologies and discussing key issues that apply to all enterprise operating systems. Coverage includes:

  • Modern performance analysis and capacity planning, including key issues such as latency and dynamic tracing
  • New performance and reliability challenges associated with cloud computing
  • Methodology, concepts, terminology, tools, and metrics
  • Key tradeoffs, including problems of load vs. architecture
  • Tuning operating systems, CPUs, memory, file systems, disks, networks, and busses
  • Tuning virtualized systems
  • Programming language issues related to performance - including application profiling for C, C++, Java, and node.js
  • Benchmarking strategies and pitfalls, including custom microbenchmarking

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Publisher: Prentice Hall
Page Count (est.): 792
ISBN10: 0133390098
ISBN13: 9780133390094
Cover: Paperback
Pub Date: 10/16/2013