Networking for VMware Administrators:
by Christopher Wahl, Steven Pantol

Networking for VMware Administrators: <br>by Christopher Wahl, Steven Pantol
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Increasingly, virtualization administrators and architects must have a deep understanding of networks. However, many have come to virtualization from other IT backgrounds, and do not have the knowledge they need to interact effectively with network specialists or solve problems with virtual networks. Networking for VMware Administrators fills this crucial gap, illuminating the core concepts required to "speak the language" of networking, and showing exactly how they apply to VMware vSphere.

Drawing on their extensive experience architecting, delivering, and troubleshooting virtual networks with VMware, Cisco, and other technologies, Christopher Wahl and Steve Pantol address all this and more:

  • Physical networking: concepts, models, Ethernet, hardware, protocols, VLANs, routing/Subnetting, and more
  • Virtual switching and how it differs from physical switching vSphere standard and distributed switch concepts, terminology, configuration, and design
  • Third party switches, including Nexus 1000v: architecture and overview
  • Storage networking: use cases, design, and configuration
  • Other design scenarios: 1 Gb Ethernet, 10 Gb Ethernet, blade servers, converged traffic, and virtual NICs

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Publisher: VMware Press
Page Count (est.): 350
ISBN10: 0133511081
ISBN13: 9780133511086
Cover: Paperback
Pub Date: 3/24/2014