Core Java Volume I--Fundamentals, Ninth Edition:
by Cay S. Horstmann, Gary Cornell

Core Java Volume I--Fundamentals, Ninth Edition: <br>by Cay S. Horstmann, Gary Cornell
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Fully updated to reflect Java SE 7 and offering a more intuitive, visual design, Core Java™, Volume I—Fundamentals, Ninth Edition , is the definitive guide to today’s Java language and platform.

Designed for serious programmers working on significant projects, this reliable, unbiased, no-nonsense tutorial illuminates key Java language and library features with thoroughly tested code examples. As in previous editions, all code is easy to understand, reflects modern best practices, and is specifically designed to help jumpstart your projects.

Volume I quickly brings you up-to-speed on Java SE 7 core language enhancements, including the diamond operator, improved resource handling, and catching of multiple exceptions. All of the code examples have been updated to reflect these enhancements, and complete descriptions of new SE7 features are integrated with insightful explanations of fundamental Java concepts. You’ll learn all you need to be productive with

  • The Java environment and programming structures
  • Objects, classes, and inheritance
  • Interfaces and inner classes
  • Reflection and proxies
  • Graphics programming
  • Event handling and the event listener model
  • Swing-based user interface components
  • Application and applet deployment
  • Exceptions, logging, assertions, and debugging
  • Generic programming
  • Collections
  • Multithreading, concurrency, and more

    For detailed coverage of advanced features, including the new API for file input/output and enhancements to the concurrency utilities, look for Core Java™, Volume II–Advanced Features, Ninth Edition (ISBN-13: 978-0-13-708160-8).

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    Pub Date: 11/29/2012