The Services Shift: Seizing the Ultimate Offshore Opportunity
by Robert E. Kennedy, with Ajay Sharma

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By now, most business people, pundits, and politicians in the United States and other developed nations have come to grips with the phenomenon of manufacturing jobs moving offshore: The process is variously referred to as “outsourcing” or “offshoring.” But a far bigger wave of change is approaching the shores of those same developed nations: the globalization of services. Where are the jobs going? Which companies benefit–or could benefit? How exactly does services offshoring work? How do you “get in the game”? Who makes a good partner?And what are the policy implications? The Services Shift answers all these questions, and more, offering powerful insights for managers, public policymakers, and citizens alike. Leading researchers Robert E. Kennedy and Ajay Sharma reveal how services offshoring works in both industries and individual companies, and show how to define and implement realistic services-sourcing goals for your organization. You’ll learn who’s involved in services offshoring, understand leading business models, and tour the main geographical centers–from China and India to Hungary, Russia, Morocco, Brazil, South Africa, and Mauritius. Drawing on detailed interviews with participants, the authors review the management skill sets associated with successful services offshoring. Next, they assess policy initiatives in both developing and developed countries, including U.S. proposals aimed at restricting the offshoring of services. Finally, they preview the newest trends in services globalization, helping you prepare for the world as it will be–next year, five years from now, and in a decade.

  • Services offshoring: what’s different, what’s the same?
  • How the offshoring of services resembles the offshoring of manufacturing–and the important ways it differs
  • Defining a realistic framework for services offshoring
  • How to set clear goals, define what to offshore, and then execute successfully
  • Touring the offshore universe: models, locations, activities, and beyond
  • Understanding all your options–and their tradeoffs and implications
  • Understanding the broader political and economic implications
  • How governments are likely to act–on both ends of the provider-to-consumer spectrum–and how that will impact you

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    Publisher: FT Press
    Page Count (est.): 330
    ISBN10: 0137133502
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    Pub Date: 1/11/2009