Chips, Clones, and Living Beyond 100: How Far Will the Biosciences Take Us
by Paul J. H. Schoemaker, Joyce A. Schoemaker

Chips, Clones, and Living Beyond 100: How Far Will the Biosciences Take Us<br>by Paul J. H. Schoemaker, Joyce A. Schoemaker
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The key scientific discoveries of the 21st century are coming from the biosciences. These discoveries will impact our lives in ways we can only begin to imagine. Now, two leading experts will help you imagine those impacts--and prepare for them. Paul and Joyce Schoemaker preview the research innovations most likely to emerge in the coming years and reveal what they’re likely to mean for everything from human longevity to the health of society, from bioterrorism to personalized medicine.

Writing for every interested citizen and consumer, the Schoemakers illuminate the hottest technologies and most controversial issues associated with contemporary biotechnology--including stem cells, cloning, pharmacogenetics, DNA chips, proteomics, gene therapy, and much more. Then, drawing on Paul Schoemaker’s unsurpassed experience helping global organizations prepare for the future, the authors sketch multiple long-term scenarios for the biosciences…and reveal how they will impact your health, family, career, and the society you live in.

  • How long will you live? How long can you live? Beyond 100: breakthroughs made, breakthroughs yet to come
  • New business opportunities for the age of biosciences. The future of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, disease management, and prevention
  • The economics, politics, and technology of the bioscience revolution. What’s driving the biosciences--and what could halt them dead in their tracks
  • To 2025 and beyond: powerful scenarios and what they mean. Making sense of the age of biosciences--so you can make better decisions for you and your family

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    Publisher: FT Press
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    Pub Date: 9/10/2009