Secure Architectures with OpenBSD:
by Brandon Palmer, Jose Nazario

Secure Architectures with OpenBSD: <br>by Brandon Palmer, Jose Nazario
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Descended from BSD, OpenBSD is a popular choice for those who demand stability and security from their operating system. No code goes into OpenBSD without first undergoing a rigorous security check, making it a terrific choice for Web servers, VPNs, and firewalls.

Secure Architectures with OpenBSD is the insider's guide to building secure systems using OpenBSD. Written by Brandon Palmer and Jose Nazario, this book is a how-to for system and network administrators who need to move to a more secure operating system and a reference for seasoned OpenBSD users who want to fully exploit every feature of the system.

After getting readers started with OpenBSD, the authors explain system configuration and administration, then explore more exotic hardware and advanced topics. Every chapter of the book addresses the issue of security because security is integrated into almost every facet of OpenBSD. Examples appear throughout the book, and the authors provide source code and system details unavailable anywhere else. This goes well beyond the basics and gives readers information they will need long after they have installed the system.

Key topic coverage includes:

  • Installation and upgrade details
  • Basic system usage in OpenBSD versus other Unix systems
  • Third-party software via packages and the ports tree
  • SMTP services in OpenBSD
  • Web services with Apache
  • Using OpenBSD as a firewall
  • OpenBSD as a Kerberos V client and server
  • Use of Ipsec
  • Configuration and use of IPv6
  • Network intrusion detection

    Secure Architectures with OpenBSD takes you inside OpenBSD, giving you the insights and expertise no system manual can provide. The companion Web site tracks advances and changes made to the operating system, and it contains updates to the book and working code samples.

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    Publisher: Addison Wesley Longman
    Page Count (est.): 519
    ISBN10: 0321193660
    ISBN13: 9780321193667
    Cover: Paperback
    Pub Date: 4/8/2004