PMP Exam Prep: All the Help You Need, From Start to Finish: LiveLessons video instruction
by Claudia M. Baca, Douglas J. Gilas

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Includes over 3 hours of video instruction from the experts

When it comes to passing the PMP certification exam, you’ll find no better resource than the PMP Exam Prep LiveLesson. Not only do you get video-based tutorials from one of the nation’s leading PMP instructors, Claudia M. Baca, but you can also take an online practice exam up to five times before you take the real exam.

Following the PMI’s curricula, the PMP Exam Prep LiveLesson has everything you need to know to pass the PMP certification exam. Not only will you learn how to prepare for the exam, you will also get useful tips for completing and filing your paperwork, and discover useful things you should do on test day.

Everything’s taught visually, using realistic project scenarios. You’ll master project initiation, planning, scoping, scheduling, budgeting, execution, monitoring and control, closing, quality, communications, procurement, PMI’s professional/social responsibility rules, and more.

Includes MyPMPExamLab Practice Exam:

Built from a database of 400 questions and powered by Pearson Education’s Pegasus system, MyPMPExamLab practice exam consists of 200 randomly selected questions to give you a unique experience each time you take the practice exam. Learn at your pace, get the answers whenever you need them, and gain the confidence you need to ace the PMPR certification exam!

For all current and aspiring project managers who are preparing for the Project Management Institute’s PMP or CAPM online certification exam.

Looking for a better way to master today’s rapidly changing technologies? Want expert help, but don’t have the time or energy to read a book? Can’t find classroom training worth the money? Discover LiveLessons: self-paced, personal video instruction from the world’s leading experts.

  • LiveLessons are video courses, on DVD with a book supplement, that are organized into bite-sized, self-contained sessions--you’ll learn key skills in as little as fifteen minutes!
  • Each session begins with well-defined learning objectives and ends with comprehensive summaries, which help you track your progress.
  • Follow along as your instructor shows exactly how to get great results in your real-world environment.

    Imagine the best live project management training...then make it more convenient and far less expensive! Just click, watch, and learn as Claudia M. Baca teaches you everything you need to ace your exam...from study planning through PMBOKR Guide best practices!

    System Requirements

    -OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista; Mac OS X (version 10.4 or greater) -MULTIMEDIA: DVD drive, 1024 x 768 or higher display, and sound card with speakers

    -COMPUTER: 500 MHz or higher, 128 MB RAM or more -BROWSER (for MyPMPExamLab practice exam): Windows XP or Vista with Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0; Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5 with Safari 2.0 or 3.0. (Firefox, AOL, and AT&T Yahoo browsers are not supported.)

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to the Exam [13:25]
  • Lesson 2: Filling Out the Forms [14:03]
  • Lesson 3: How Do You Learn Best? [05:50]
  • Lesson 4: Your “Pass the Exam” Project [10:00]
  • Lesson 5: Hints and Tips for Taking the Exam [10:01]
  • Lesson 6: PMP Exam PREP--Framework [20:29]
  • Lesson 7: PMP Exam PREP--Initiate/Preliminary Plan [15:49]
  • Lesson 8: PMP Exam PREP--Planning Processes: Time and Cost [24:24]
  • Lesson 9: PMP Exam PREP--More Planning Processes [12:17]
  • Lesson 10: PMP Exam PREP--Risk Planning Processes [13:54]
  • Lesson 11: PMP Exam PREP--Executing Process Group [14:51]
  • Lesson 12: PMP Exam PREP--Monitoring & Controlling Processes [12:58]
  • Lesson 13: PMP Exam PREP--More Monitoring & Controlling Processes [16:02]
  • Lesson 14: PMP Exam PREP--Closing Process Group & Professional and Social Responsibility [05:53]
  • Lesson 15: Working with the Exam Engine [11:08]
  • Lesson 16: The Week of the Exam [07:35]
  • Lesson 17: Need More Support? [07:44]

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    Pub Date: 9/4/2008