The CERT C Secure Coding Standard:
by Robert C. Seacord

The CERT C Secure Coding Standard: <br>by Robert C. Seacord
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Software security has major implications for the operations and assets of organizations, as well as for the welfare of individuals. To create secure software, developers must know where the dangers lie. Secure programming in C can be more difficult than even many experienced programmers believe.

This book is an essential desktop reference documenting the first official release of The CERTŪ C Secure Coding Standard. The standard itemizes those coding errors that are the root causes of software vulnerabilities in C and prioritizes them by severity, likelihood of exploitation, and remediation costs. Each guideline provides examples of insecure code as well as secure, alternative implementations. If uniformly applied, these guidelines will eliminate the critical coding errors that lead to buffer overflows, format string vulnerabilities, integer overflow, and other common software vulnerabilities.

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Publisher: Addison-Wesley
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Pub Date: 10/15/2008