Fluid Web Typography: A Guide
by Jason Cranford Teague

Fluid Web Typography: A Guide<br>by Jason Cranford Teague
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The type that designers use can say as much to their audience as the actual words on the page. But until now, Web designers have had an extremely limited palette of typefaces from which to choose -- essentially, Arial (yawn), Times (yawn), and Georgia (yawwwwwn). Design is about overcoming the limitations of a medium, and Web design is no different. In this book, Jason shows Web designers how to apply the principles of fluid typography, Web-safe fonts, downloaded fonts, and type on images to create robust scalable designs without resorting to type in images or Adobe Flash.

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Publisher: New Riders
Page Count (est.): 248
ISBN10: 0321679989
ISBN13: 9780321679987
Cover: Paperback
Pub Date: 11/28/2009