jQuery, jQuery UI, and jQuery Mobile: Recipes and Examples
by Adriaan de Jonge, Phil Dutson

jQuery, jQuery UI, and jQuery Mobile: Recipes and Examples<br>by Adriaan de Jonge, Phil Dutson
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100+ Practical jQuery Recipes for Solving Your Real-World Web and Mobile Development Problems!

jQuery makes it easier than ever for developers to build exceptionally robust, cross-platform websites and mobile apps. jQuery, jQuery UI, and jQuery Mobile: Recipes and Examples is a practical “cookbook,” packed with realistic, easy-to-use solutions for making the most of jQuery Core, jQuery UI, plugins, and jQuery Mobile.

This guide brings together more than one hundred self-contained, downloadable examples, each with an in-depth explanation of how the code works and how to adapt it for your own needs. Pioneering web/mobile developers Adriaan de Jonge and Phil Dutson present examples you can apply immediately in virtually any web or mobile app, with any server-side platform, including PHP, .NET, Java, Ruby, Node.js, or Python.

This extremely useful guide will help you

  • Test browser support and provide for graceful degradation
  • Fine-tune DOM element selection and manipulate your site’s DOM structure
  • Master the newest techniques for event handling and binding
  • Communicate with web servers: AJAX, page errors, redirects, XML, and more
  • Implement draggable, droppable, and sortable objects
  • Use advanced UI widgets, from accordions and autocomplete to sliders and tabs
  • Build mobile-optimized sites with the jQuery Mobile library
  • Write and smoothly incorporate new plugins
  • Integrate powerful third-party plugins, such as the Twitter Bootstrap framework

    The authors’ proven “code first, explain later” approach supports developers at all levels who want to start experimenting immediately. Their exceptionally readable examples never take shortcuts or compromise quality, and their detailed walk-throughs are ideal for anyone who wants to thoroughly understand their code. If you have a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript, you’ll feel right at home immediately; if not, de Jonge and Dutson’s careful explanations and full HTML page layout examples will get you up to speed quickly.

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    Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional/Developer's Library
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    Pub Date: 11/2/2012