Programming in Objective-C, Fifth Edition:
by Stephen G. Kochan

Programming in Objective-C, Fifth Edition: <br>by Stephen G. Kochan
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An introduction to the Objective-C language for iOS and OS X development

Objective-C has become the standard programming language for application development on the iOS and OS X platforms. A powerful yet simple object-oriented programming language that’s based on C, Objective-C is widely available not only on Apple platforms but across many operating systems, including Linux, Unix, and Windows.

Programming in Objective-C provides the new programmer a complete, step-by-step introduction to the Objective-C language. The book does not assume previous experience with either C or object-oriented programming languages, and it includes many detailed, practical examples of how to put Objective-C to use in your everyday programming needs.

The fifth edition of this book has been updated to cover the latest changes introduced with iOS 6, OS X Mountain Lion, and Xcode 4.5.

It also shows how to take advantage of the Foundation framework’s rich built-in library of classes and provides an introduction to iOS programming.

“The best book on any programming language that I’ve ever read. If you want to learn Objective-C, buy it.”

–Calvin Wolcott

“An excellent resource for a new programmer who wants to learn Objective-C as their first programming language–a woefully underserved market.”

–Pat Hughes

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Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Page Count (est.): 532
ISBN10: 032188728X
ISBN13: 9780321887283
Cover: Paperback
Pub Date: 12/4/2012