100 Principles of Game Design:
by Wendy Despain, Editor

100 Principles of Game Design: <br>by Wendy Despain, Editor
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Game designers spend many hours solving design problems but are often unaware that many of the problems they are solving have been encountered and solved countless times before. The best solutions may still require additional steps but there are common principles to many of the approaches that game designers can use for inspiration.

Written by a team of instructors at a top games school in the U.S., 100 Principles of Game Design is the first one-stop reference book for seasoned designers or beginning design students to turn to when the going gets tough, or any time they need a little inspiration to solve a problem.

These universal, general design principles are gleaned from fields as disparate as architecture, neuroscience, and marketing, and brought together and presented in ways game designers can apply directly to games. The book focuses on finite, individual principles rather than broader ideas and approaches. Richly designed with infographics, illustrations, and schematics, each principle is easy to understand and memorable.

100 Principles of Game Design is specifically designed to itemize, describe, and explain the principles behind the process of designing video games. You’ll carry it with you as an essential guide on your game design adventure.

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Pub Date: 12/18/2012