WebGL Programming Guide: Interactive 3D Graphics Programming with WebGL
by Kouchi Matsuda, Rodger Lea

WebGL Programming Guide:  Interactive 3D Graphics Programming with WebGL<br>by Kouchi Matsuda, Rodger Lea
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WebGL brings plugin-free 3D to the web, enabling you to create sophisticated interactive 3D graphics right inside web browsers - perfect for games, user interfaces, and information visualization. The WebGL Programming Guide will help you get started quickly with interactive WebGL 3D programming, even if you have no prior knowledge of HTML5, JavaScript, 3D computer graphics, mathematics, or OpenGL.

You'll learn step-by-step, through realistic examples, building your skills as you move from simple to complex solutions for building visually appealing web pages and 3D applications with WebGL. WebGL and 3D pioneers Dr. Kouichi and Dr. Rodger Lea offer easy-to-understand tutorials on every technology you'll need, plus 100 sample programs, each demonstrating a specific WebGL topic.

You'll move from basic techniques such as rendering, animating, and texturing triangles, all the way to advanced techniques such as lighting, interacting with 3D objects, fogging, shadowing and working with 3D models generated by 3D authoring tools. This book won't just teach you WebGL programming best practices: it will give you a library of code you can use to jumpstart your own WebGL projects.

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Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Page Count (est.): 600
ISBN10: 0321902920
ISBN13: 9780321902924
Cover: Paperback
Pub Date: 7/11/2013