Apache Hadoop YARN: Moving beyond MapReduce and Batch Processing with Apache Hadoop 2
by Arun Murthy, Jeffrey Markham, Vinod Vivilapalli, Doug Eadline

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Apache Hadoop is right at the heart of the Big Data revolution. In the brand-new Release 2, Hadoop's data processing has been thoroughly overhauled. The result is Apache Hadoop YARN, a generic compute fabric providing resource management at datacenter scale, and a simple method to implement distributed applications such as MapReduce to process petabytes of data on Apache Hadoop HDFS. Apache Hadoop 2 and YARN truly deserve to be called breakthroughs.

In Apache Hadoop YARN, key YARN developer Arun Murthy shows how the key design changes in Apache Hadoop lead to increased scalability and cluster utilization, new programming models and services, and the ability to move beyond Java and batch processing within the Hadoop ecosystem. Readers also learn to run existing applications like Pig and Hive under the Apache Hadoop 2 MapReduce framework, and develop new applications that take absolutely full advantage of Hadoop YARN resources. Drawing on insights from the entire Apache Hadoop 2 team, Murthy and Dr. Douglas Eadline:

  • Review Apache Hadoop YARN's goals, design, architecture, and components
  • Guide you through installation and administration of the new YARN architecture,
  • Demonstrate how to optimize existing MapReduce applications quickly
  • Identify the functional requirements for each element of an Apache Hadoop 2 application
  • Walk you through a complete sample application project
  • Offer multiple examples and case studies drawn from their cutting-edge experience

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Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Page Count (est.): 336
ISBN10: 0321934504
ISBN13: 9780321934505
Cover: Paperback
Pub Date: 3/21/2014