Programming in C, 3rd Edition:
by Stephen Kochan

Programming in C, 3rd Edition: <br>by Stephen Kochan
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Updated edition of Stephen Kochan's classic C programming best-seller.

  • The powerful and easy-to-learn C language is still among the most popular programming languages available, especially among game and small device programmers.
  • Over two hundred thousand readers agree that Stephen Kochan is among the elite of programming book authors.
  • Thoroughly updated to the most recent C standard with current source code examples.

    Programming in C, Third Edition is a revised edition of a classic programming title. Author Stephen Kochan's style and thorough explanations have earned him a place among the most respected of computer book authors. Although the C programming language hasn't undergone any major changes, it's enjoying new life among game programmers and small device programmers, where its simple elegance makes it the ideal choice for small fast programs. Large game developers, such as Nintendo, use C almost exclusively. This edition combines the time-tested instructional style of Stephen Kochan with updated and relevant examples.

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    Publisher: Sams Publishing
    Page Count (est.): 543
    ISBN10: 0672326663
    ISBN13: 9780672326660
    Cover: Paperback
    Pub Date: 7/9/2004