Sams Teach Yourself PHP and MySQL: Video Learning Starter Kit

Sams Teach Yourself PHP and MySQL: Video Learning Starter Kit<br>by
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  • Four Hours of Interactive Video Training
  • PHP & MySQL Software Starter Pack for Windows and Mac OS X

    Sams Teach Yourself Video Learning is the easiest way to learn a new technology.

    Self-Paced–Learn on your own time, at your own pace

    Visual–Video lessons clearly explain key concepts and show you exactly what to do

    Learn By Doing–Interactive, hands-on learning labs so you can apply what you learn right away

    Quick and Efficient–Each individual lesson is no longer than 10 minutes

    Modular–Bite-sized lessons let you jump in anywhere

    In just ten minutes or less, each short video lesson clearly explains key concepts, terms, and techniques.

    You can stop, start, pause, or replay any part of the video you want, as often as you want, until you really understand everything in the lesson.

    And then you get to try it yourself in a unique interactive learning lab that helps you develop real live programs.

    After you’re done, take a quick, fun quiz to test what you’ve learned before going on to the next lesson.

    Learn how to…

  • Install and configure PHP and MySQL on your computer
  • Create PHP scripts for your website
  • Work with forms and files
  • Access information in databases
  • Authenticate and track users with cookies and sessions
  • Set up a secure web server

    On the DVD…

  • Four hours of video lessons with interactive labs and quizzes
  • PHP, MySQL, and Apache for Windows and Mac OS X–an easy-to-install package to set up a safe learning environment
  • Work files for all the learning labs
  • Sams Teach Yourself PHP tutorial in searchable PDF format
  • The jEdit programming editor for Windows and Mac OS X

    All the contents of the PHP and MySQL Video Learning Starter Kit are accessible on any DVD-equipped Windows or Mac OS X computer:

  • 1)Insert DVD into your computer’s DVD drive
  • 2) Navigate to the DVD folder and double-click on the Start icon or file

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    Publisher: Sams Publishing
    Page Count (est.): 75
    ISBN10: 067233027X
    ISBN13: 9780672330278
    Cover: Paperback
    Pub Date: 2/26/2009