Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition: Build a Program Now!
by Patrice Pelland

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In this lively, eye-opening, hands-on book, all you need is a computer and the desire to learn how to program with Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition. Featuring a full edition of the software, this fun and highly visual guide walks you through a complete programming project a desktop weather-reporting application from start to finish. You ll get an introduction to the Microsoft Visual Studio® development environment and learn how to put the lightweight, easy-to-use tools in Visual C# Express Edition to work right away creating, compiling, testing, and delivering your first ready-to-use program. You ll get expert tips, coaching, and visual examples at each step of the way, along with pointers to additional learning resources.

Key Book Benefits

  • This dynamic, full-color, highly-visual book is designed to help novice programmers build fundamental programming skills for Windows® quickly and easily
  • Provides a quick-start, project-based approach!
  • Provides complete software for Visual C# 2008 Express Edition and all the instructions needed to understand and put those tools to work right away
  • Features a complete desktop application that can be easily modified and reused a great learn-by-doing example

    Patrice Pelland is a development lead at Microsoft with more than a dozen years of experience designing software. He is also an experienced mentor and an instructor of programmers at all skill levels. Patrice is the author of previous editions of this popular title: Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition: Build a Program Now! and Microsoft Visual Basic® 2005 Express Edition: Build a Program Now!

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    Publisher: Microsoft Press
    Page Count (est.): 253
    ISBN10: 0735625425
    ISBN13: 9780735625426
    Cover: Paperback
    Pub Date: 3/9/2008 CSharp