Tweak It and Freak It: A Killer Guide to Making Windows Run Your Way
by Paul McFedries

Tweak It and Freak It: A Killer Guide to Making Windows Run Your Way<br>by Paul McFedries
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Hundreds of millions of people use Windows every day, and it’s a safe bet that some of them would not describe themselves as happy campers. Regardless of skill level, most people have something they dislike about Windows, and they often have a whole laundry list of Windows gripes. “Why can’t Windows do this rather than that?” “Why does Windows do X instead of Y?” “Wouldn’t it be great if Windows could do Z?”

Most people think Windows is set in stone, but it isn’t! Strip off that veneer and a whole world comes into view, one that’s hackable, moddable, tweakable, customizable, and personalizable. This book shows you the tools and technologies that anyone can use to hack almost every aspect of Windows, from startup to shutdown, from the interface to the Internet, from security to scripting.

  • Speed up your tired PC with a fistful of easy-to-do, but oh so powerful tweaks!
  • Tired of looking at the same old Windows day in and day out? So are we! That’s why we show you how to give Windows a makeover!
  • Want to be more productive at work or home? This book is full of productivity tweaks that not only make Windows more fun to use, but also save you tons of time.
  • Create custom backup routines that safeguard your precious data.
  • Tighten the security of your PC and your network to stop would-be thieves in their tracks.
  • Dual-boot Windows XP and Vista on the same machine, or dare we say it, run MacOS on your PC! We won’t tell.

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    Publisher: Que Publishing
    Page Count (est.): 460
    ISBN10: 0789738228
    ISBN13: 9780789738226
    Cover: Paperback
    Pub Date: 4/2/2009