QuickBooks 2009 on Demand:
by Gail Perry

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Need answers quickly? QuickBooks® 2009 on Demand provides those answers in a visual step-by-step format. We will show you exactly what to do through lots of full color illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions.

  • Produce and customize reports that show exactly how your company is doing
  • Schedule transactions so you’ll never forget a due date again
  • Bill time and expenses directly to customers
  • Use the new QuickBooks features for 2009, including a redesigned Payroll Center and the new Accountant’s Copy that lets you keep working while your accountant reviews your books
  • Create and use a budget
  • Reconcile your bank account to the penny without waiting for the bank statement to come in the mail
  • Keep detailed records of fixed asset acquisitions
  • Protect financial information with the latest in security techniques
  • Send customized mailings to your customers and vendors
  • Learn tips and shortcuts to help make your QuickBooks experience more efficient and to customize your program to fit your style
  • Process transactions the right way by following the accounting rules interspersed throughout the book

  • Introduction xv
  • Chapter 1: Setting Up Your Company with the EasyStep Interview 1
  • Chapter 2: Setting Up and Using Payroll Features 27
  • Chapter 3: Adding or Changing Information After the Interview Is Completed 69
  • Chapter 4: Invoicing and Collecting Income 107
  • Chapter 5: Making Purchases and Recording Payments 141
  • Chapter 6: Collecting and Paying Sales Tax 171
  • Chapter 7: Using Time-Saving Features 185
  • Chapter 8: Job Cost Estimating and Tracking 199
  • Chapter 9: Tracking Time 219
  • Chapter 10: QuickBooks Tips and Tricks 237
  • Chapter 11: Using the QuickBooks Online Features 263
  • Chapter 12: Preparing Income Tax Returns 295
  • Chapter 13: Security 309
  • Chapter 14: Using Inventory Features 328
  • Chapter 15: Recording Your Assets 349
  • Chapter 16: Recording Owners' Equity 363
  • Chapter 17: Recording Liabilities 371
  • Chapter 18: Preparing the Top Ten QuickBooks Reports 387
  • Workshops 411
  • Index 423

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    Publisher: Que Publishing
    Page Count (est.): 438
    ISBN10: 0789739356
    ISBN13: 9780789739353
    Cover: Paperback
    Pub Date: 4/4/2009