SEO Made Easy: Everything You Need To Know About SEO and Nothing More
by Evan Bailyn

SEO Made Easy: Everything You Need To Know About SEO and Nothing More<br>by Evan Bailyn
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SEO Made Easy is today's most practical, actionable, plain-English guide to modern search engine optimization. Building on his global best-seller Outsmarting Google , renowned search/social marketer Evan Bailyn focuses on SEO as a foundation for successful entrepreneurship, reflecting his own experience as an eight-time entrepreneur and as the creator of websites that have attracted millions of unique visitors per month. Throughout, he draws on a deeply technical understanding of search engine structure and algorithm, as well as a broad, psychological understanding of what motivates people to search.

Revamped throughout to reflect the latest search innovations and trends, SEO Made Easy includes extensive coverage of today's emerging revolution in social search, and its powerful implications for marketers. As in Outsmarting Google , Bailyn exposes long-propagated SEO myths and presents up-to-the-minute tactics proven to improve your site's rankings. Coverage includes:

  • Today's five indispensable ingredients of successful Google optimization
  • Powerful new "conversion optimization" techniques based on analysis of 200+ businesses online
  • 17 powerful strategies for link building, the #1 optimization skill
  • Utilizing keyword tools to find unique business niches
  • Using the "Nuclear Football" to attract search results from thousands of long tail keywords
  • Tracking your progress with Google Analytics and other helpful tools
  • Understanding Panda, Penguin, and other recent Google algorithm updates
  • Optimizing for Yahoo!/Bing as well as Google

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Publisher: Que Publishing
Page Count (est.): 320
ISBN10: 0789751232
ISBN13: 9780789751232
Cover: Paperback
Pub Date: 12/20/2013