Enriching the Value Chain: Infrastructure Strategies Beyond the Enterprise
by Bruce Robertson, Valentin Sribar

Enriching the Value Chain: Infrastructure Strategies Beyond the Enterprise<br>by Bruce Robertson, Valentin Sribar
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How do forward-thinking IT professionals organize infrastructure and staff to meet the challenges of e-Business value chain initiatives head-on? Enriching the Value Chain gives you the answers:
  • Strategic advice for mapping business drivers to a set of fundamental patterns and planning models.
  • A way to organize e-Business infrastructure with your suppliers, trading partners, and customers.
  • How to run e-Business infrastructure services for the long term with high quality.
  • How to make applications become easier, more cost-effective, and quicker to integrate.

    Bruce Robertson and Valentin Sribar also are the authors of The Adaptive Enterprise. Picking up where that books leaves off, this companion volume tells you how to achieve success in value chain infrastructure planning.

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    Publisher: Intel Press
    Page Count (est.): 370
    ISBN10: 0971288739
    ISBN13: 9780971288737
    Cover: Hardcover
    Pub Date: 2/1/2004