Ship It!: A Practical Guide to Successful Software Projects
by Jared Richardson, William Gwaltney Jr.

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Ship It! avoids current fashion trends and marketing hype; instead, readers find page after page of solid advice, all tried and tested in the real world. This book is a collection of tips that show what tools a successful team has to use, and how to use them well. Developers will get quick, easy-to-follow advice on modern techniques and when they should be applied.

Aimed at beginning to intermediate programmers, this book will show you:

  • Which tools help, and which don't
  • How to keep a project moving
  • Approaches to scheduling that work
  • How to build developers as well as product
  • What's normal on a project, and what's not
  • How to manage managers, end-users and sponsors
  • Danger signs and how to fix them

    Few of the ideas presented here are controversial or extreme; most experienced programmers will agree that this stuff works. Yet 50 to 70 percent of all project teams in the U.S. aren't able to use even these simple,well-accepted practices effectively. This book will help you get started.

    Ship It! begins by introducing the common technical infrastructure that every project needs. Readers can choose from a variety of recommended technologies according to their skills and budgets to get the job done. The next sections outline the necessary steps to get software out the door reliably,using well-accepted, easy-to-adopt, best-of-breed practices that really work.

    Finally, and most importantly, Ship It! presents common problems-and danger signs-that arise and offers real-world advice on how to solve them.

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    Publisher: The Pragmatic Programmers
    Page Count (est.): 198
    ISBN10: 0974514047
    ISBN13: 9780974514048
    Cover: Paperback
    Pub Date: 6/4/2005