The Intel Safer Computing Initiative: Building Blocks for Trusted Computing
by David Grawrock

The Intel Safer Computing Initiative: Building Blocks for Trusted Computing<br>by David Grawrock
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With the ever-increasing connectivity of home and business computers, it is essential that developers understand how the Intel Safer Computing Initiative can provide critical security building blocks to better protect the PC computing environment. A highly versatile set of hardware-based security enhancements, codenamed La Grande technology (LT), will be coming soon to Intel® processors, chipsets, and platforms. This book covers the fundamentals of LT and key Trusted Computing concepts such as security architecture, cryptography, trusted computer base, and trusted channels.

Highlights include:

  • History of trusted computing and definitions of key concepts
  • Comprehensive overview of protections that are provided by La Grande technology
  • Case study showing how access to memory is the focal point of an attack
  • Protection methods for execution, memory, storage, input, and graphics
  • How the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) supports attestation

    In this concise book, the lead security architect for Intel's next-generation security initiative provides critical information you need to evaluate Trusted Computing for use on today's PC systems and to prepare your designs to respond to future threats.

    David Grawrock is a Principal Engineer and Security Architect for the Initiatives, Technology, Path-finding, and Planning group at Intel. As the end-to-end security architect for the Digital Enterprise Group, he leads the security initiative. He serves as Chair of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Trusted Platform Module workgroup and is the Intel representative to the TCG Technical Committee. With 28 years in the computer industry, David holds 10 patents, has many more pending, and has held lead technical positions with Central Point Software, Symantec*, and Lotus Development Corporation.

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    Publisher: Intel Press
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    Pub Date: 1/1/2006