SATA Storage Technology: Serial ATA
by Don Anderson

SATA Storage Technology: Serial ATA<br>by Don Anderson
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MindShare's SATA Storage Technology book provides ATA background information necessary to understand the Serial ATA implementation. This book provides detailed information regarding the serial protocol, commands, and electrical interface. A tutorial approach is taken to facilitate thorough understanding, using numerous illustrations, tables and examples. The text is also designed to provide easy to access valuable reference information.

The SATA (Serial ATA) interface is intended to expand and eventually replace the parallel ATA interface that has been the standard connection for hard drives and CD-ROM/DVD drives in Personal Computers for nearly twenty years. SATA, a high-speed serial version of ATA, is designed to maintain compatibility with software written for the standard ATA implementation, thus easing the transition to SATA. New advances in SATA provide new capabilities such as Native Command Queuing that improve overall drive performance and greater reliability. In addition, the latest version of SATA (called SATA II) adds new features such as higher transfer rates, Port Selectors, Port Multipliers, and enclosure services, making it easier to implement low cost, high capacity, storage subsystems for server implementations. This book provides essential information for Systems Engineers, System Validation Engineers, Hardware Designers, and Software Developers.

Book Chapters
  • The Evolution of Parallel ATA
  • The Motivation for SATA
  • SATA Overview
  • Introduction to FIS Transfers
  • FIS Types and Formats
  • Transport and Link Protocols
  • FIS Retry
  • Data Flow Control
  • Physical Layer Functions
  • Error Detection
  • The Command Protocol
  • The Control Protocol
  • Sata II Features
  • Native Command Queuing
  • Port Multipliers
  • Port Selectors
  • Enclosure Services
  • SATA Initialization
  • Physical Layer
  • Form Factors
  • Hot Plug
  • Link Power Management
  • BIST Features

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    Publisher: MindShare, Inc.
    Page Count (est.): 463
    ISBN10: 0977087816
    ISBN13: 9780977087815
    Cover: Paperback
    Pub Date: 4/15/2007