The Realities of Securing Big Data:
by Davi Ottenheimer

The Realities of Securing Big Data: <br>by Davi Ottenheimer
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Big data requires big security; here's what you need to know

Big data has taken hold and has created the need for bigger and better security. Until now trust has not been the highest priority and security guidance has not been widely available for big data projects. The Realities of Securing Big Data provides specific technical information and know-how that IT, engineering, and security departments urgently need. It's a solid manual on the essentials - changes to system architecture, the nature of attacks on big data versus enterprise attacks, common mistakes companies make, and how to use advanced technologies for defense. This hands-on book gives you concrete suggestions for how to defend big data from threats and how to prioritize vulnerabilities.

  • Helps companies see how best to defend against attacks on big data, which includes sensitive and regulated information such as payment cardholder data, identity numbers, and health information
  • Specifies steps that IT, engineering, and security departments need to know from both a defense and an attack perspective
  • Offers a hands-on approach, with concrete suggestions for readers to follow
  • Explores security risks within the three Vs of big data: velocity, variety, and volume
  • Explains how to manage trust relationships between distributed hadoop nodes in racks and clusters
  • Reveals common mistakes typically made when building security solutions for big data
  • Delves into some of the latest advancing technologies and emerging solutions

Organizations need to carefully manage risks to their data as more important decisions are based on it. If you're a manager, architect, or developer charged with a big data project, you should have a copy of The Realities of Securing Big Data.

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Publisher: Wiley
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Pub Date: 6/3/2014