Professional Objective-C Development:
by Evadne Wu, Conor Winders

Professional Objective-C Development: <br>by Evadne Wu, Conor Winders
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The comprehensive Objective-C reference every Mac and iOS developer needs

Objective-C is central to both iOS and Mac OS development, and as the demand for iPhone and iPad apps continues to grow, so does interest in Objective-C. While beginner books on the language abound, Wrox has now brought forth a much-needed resource for those familiar with Objective-C who are ready to get more advanced. In the Wrox Professional tradition, it digs deeper into the details, covering the language and syntax, modern compiler infrastructure, application paradigms, creative approaches to extending Objective-C, and much more.

  • Objective-C is the main language used for iPhone and iPad apps; it remains relevant for long periods of time, and with the growing demand for iPhone and iPad apps, is the world's fastest growing programming language
  • This Wrox Professional guide fulfills the need for an advanced-level reference on Objective-C, delving into the language semantics, run-time, and associated design patterns
  • Shows how Objective-C code is ultimately transformed to machine executable applications
  • Explores Objective-C paradigms that enable effective software creation and ways to adopt similar paradigms in application code
  • Presents new ideas from functional programming and concurrency, providing a glimpse into how future Objective-C programs may look

Professional Objective-C Development gives intermediate-level Mac and iOS developers the tools and knowledge they need to create a new generation of applications.

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Publisher: Wiley/Wrox
Page Count (est.): 408
ISBN10: 1118582411
ISBN13: 9781118582411
Cover: Paperback
Pub Date: 2/2/2015