Beginning Java Programming Coding Skills Kit (InnerWorkings Software + Wrox Book):
by Deepak Vohra

Beginning Java Programming Coding Skills Kit (InnerWorkings Software + Wrox Book): <br>by Deepak Vohra
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Wrox and InnerWorkings join forces to create a comprehensive learning package for those new to Java, but who want to get up and running in a real-world environment. The co-branded Wrox/InnerWorkings Skills Challenge is a digital learning product that provides programmers with effective hands-on practice with real-time feedback that complements the deep learning provided by Wrox publications. Beginning Java Programming will be written in tandem with InnerWorkings’ patented training modules, used by over 100,000+ developers.

Innerworkings modules will mirror the content and provide graded exercises that developers can work through until they get it right:

  • Each lesson starts with a scenario that describes a software problem
  • next there's a challenge that is a list of specific items to be coded
  • Patented "code judging" engine evaluates the code and gives a score and a chance to rework until it's correct

Beginning Java Programming provides readers a serious education on Java so they can apply their new skills in the real world. The book discusses the fundamentals of Java programming language, is based on the latest version, and covers using Java to develop applications in a Java IDE, Oracle Eclipse IDE. Each chapter includes sample programs and screenshots at milestone stage. The Java Skills Challenge will contain lessons that map to Beginning Java Programming -- each lesson typically requires 45-60 minutes to complete.

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Publisher: Wiley/Wrox
Page Count (est.): 750
ISBN10: 1118769953
ISBN13: 9781118769959
Cover: Paperback
Pub Date: 4/7/2014