Data-Driven Security: Analysis, Visualization and Dashboards
by Jay Jacobs, Bob Rudis

Data-Driven Security: Analysis, Visualization and Dashboards<br>by Jay Jacobs, Bob Rudis
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A practical guide to securing your data and IT infrastructure

From safeguarding corporate data to keeping e-commerce transactions secure, today’s IT professionals are tasked with enormous and complex data security responsibilities. In Data-Driven Security, Jay Jacobs and Bob Rudis draw together three of the most important topics in IT—security, data analysis, and visualization—to present a real-world security strategy to defend your networks. Turning their backs on insufficient security based on hunches and best practices, the authors help you access the world of security data analysis and visualization, where real data drives security decisions, and they teach you to apply the principles of that security with real-world cases.

  • Develop an understanding of how to acquire, prepare, and visualize security data
  • Learn how to use the analytical and visualization tools in R and Python
  • Dissect IP addresses to find malicious activity
  • Map security data and learn statistical techniques to look for significant connections
  • Understand how visual communication works and how it can help you see and present your data clearly
  • Develop effective, informative security dashboards
  • Design analytical models to help you detect malicious behavior
  • Gain practical “how-to” knowledge from specific, real-world use cases detailing an array of data and network security scenarios

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Publisher: Wiley
Page Count (est.): 352
ISBN10: 1118793722
ISBN13: 9781118793725
Cover: Paperback
Pub Date: 2/10/2014