GIMP for Absolute Beginners:
by Jan Smith, Róman Joost

GIMP for Absolute Beginners: <br>by Jan Smith, Róman Joost
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GIMP for Absolute Beginners gives us an easy way to use the power of GIMP, and enjoy digital photography and graphics without worrying about application features.

GIMP is a powerful open source graphics and digital imaging application with almost all the features of its proprietary counterpart, Photoshop. But many of us are photographers and artists first, and we like to use our tools without having to think about them too much. GIMP for Absolute Beginners gets us to this stage without patronising users who haven't used GIMP before.

This book takes us from actually installing GIMP to file format issues and storing images online or on hardware at home. Next we deal with image quality—how to maintain image quality and how to improve it. For example, we are required to worry about scanners and how they change images while scanning, and how to compensate for it.

But what can we actually do with photos and graphical images? These questions are answered in a photo projects chapter as well as a chapter on digital painting: Starting with making small changes to photos and adding information to them, we end up creating cartoons from outlines and indeed creating paintings and graphical designs without photographic input.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to install GIMP and navigate its interface
  • How to work with scanners and card readers
  • Improve image quality with GIMP
  • Increase your design prowess
  • Have fun with digital painting projects

    Who this book is for

    Hobbyists, occasional designers, enthusiastic photographers, graphical design amateurs, and beginning illustrators.

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    Pub Date: 3/14/2012