CTOs at Work:
by Scott Donaldson, Stanley Siegel, Gary Donaldson

CTOs at Work: <br>by Scott Donaldson, Stanley Siegel, Gary Donaldson
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Scott Donaldson, Stanley Siegel and Gary Donaldson interview many of the world's most influential chief technology officers in CTOs at Work, offering a brand-new companion volume to the highly acclaimed bestseller Founders at Work by Jessica Livingston and Peter Seibel's best-selling Coders at Work, both from Apress. As the words “at work” suggest, the authors focus on how their interviewees tackle the day-to-day work of the CTO while revealing much more: how they got there, how they manage and allocate projects, and how they interact with business units and ensure that their companies take advantage of technologies, teamwork, and software development practices to respond to organizational needs and improve employee productivity. Surveying a variety of unique corporations, CTOs at Work offers insights into the present and future of CTOs in organizations around the world.

What you’ll learn

  • How many chief technical officers from the world's leading corporations do their job, and the skills they consider most essential for carrying out their work effectively
  • Interesting applications of technology and software development used to increase productivity or profitability in today's leading organizations
  • The technology- and business-related challenges and opportunities that CTOs foresee in years to come

    Who this book is for

    Anyone interested in how a CTO views the use of technologies in an organization and leads its software development initiatives. This book is especially useful for managers, developers, and IT personnel charged with using automation to increase productivity. Indeed, it's not just for aspiring CTOs, but also for project managers, software engineers, and application developers who want a better understanding of the strategies their senior IT executives employ to make their organizations as productive and competitive as possible.

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    Publisher: Apress
    Page Count (est.): 314
    ISBN10: 1430235934
    ISBN13: 9781430235934
    Cover: Paperback
    Pub Date: 1/28/2012