Arduino Robotic Motor Controllers:
by Don Wilcher

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Put the brain into your bot! Don Wilcher's Arduino Robotic Motor Controllers shows the way to building programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for robotic control of off-the-shelf toys and kits, as well as of robots you build yourself from the ground up.

Arduino Robotic Motor Controllers walks you through building your own PLC using Arduino. You'll learn to connect your PLC to various sensors, and program it to control the various types of motors -- DC, servor, and sensor -- used in robotics. At the end of the book you'll be confident in builting your own robotic devices capable of independent operation within the parameters of your programming.

  • Explains PLCs and how to build them using Arduion
  • Covers the controlling of stepper motors and servos
  • Helps you collect and interpret sensor data

PLCs are small computing devices for controlling servo and stepper motors, collecting and reacting to sensor data, and for controlling devices such as LEDs and buzzers and anything else of that nature. PLCs have been used for decades in industry whenever there's been a need to control machines and circuits that must respond to changing conditions. The abiltiy to collect and interpret sensor data, and to translate that interpretation into new activity defines the PLC, and is precisely what is needed in the field of robotics.

What you’ll learn

  • Build and control a variety of small motors
  • Collect and interpret sensor data
  • Translate sensor data into motor control
  • Bring robotic life to off-the-shelf kits
  • Provide control over robots you build yourself
  • Build devices that function independently in the physical world

Who this book is for

Arduino Robotic Motor Controllers is aimed at electronics hobbyists and new Arduino and robotics enthusiasts. It is especially appropriate for Arduino enthusiasts wanting to build devices that bridge the world of thought to the physcial world around us by creating devices capable of collecting and interpreting sensor input, and reacting in the real world.

Table of Contents

     Project 1. Basic DC Motor Controller
     Project 2. A Power DC Motor Controller
     Project 3. Two Speed DC Motor Controller
     Project 4. Variable Speed DC Motor Controller
     Project 5. Digital Logic Enabled - DC Motor Controller
     Project 6. Programmable DC Motor Controller with LCD
     Project 7. Basic Servo Motor Controller
     Project 8. Servo Motor Controller with Serial Monitor
     Project 9. Temperature Sensor - Servo Motor Controller
     Project 10. FlexiForce Sensor - Servo Motor Controller
     Project 11. Light Sensor – Servo Motor Controller
     Project 12. Capacitor Sensor – Servo Motor Controller
     Project 13. Basic Stepper Motor Controller
     Project 14. Variable Speed Stepper Motor Controller
     Project 15. FlexiForce Sensor-Stepper Motor Controller
     Project 16. Transistor Enabled - Stepper Motor Controller
     Project 17. Capacitor Sensor –Servo Motor Controller
     Project 18. Bidirectional Servo Motor Controller

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Publisher: Apress
Page Count (est.): 120
ISBN10: 1430245727
ISBN13: 9781430245728
Cover: Paperback
Pub Date: 6/1/2014