Pro JavaScript Performance: Monitoring and Visualization
by Tom Barker

Pro JavaScript Performance: Monitoring and Visualization<br>by Tom Barker
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Performance is a hugely important area of web development. If your site runs slowly, users are going to leave, and the problem only grows as your site gets more popular. Pro JavaScript Performance gives you the tools you need to keep your sites smooth and responsive no matter how many users you have.

Best practices are changing or becoming redefined continually because of changes and optimizations at the interpreter level, and differences in system configuration, and network speeds. This is exacerbated by the quickened release schedule that most browsers have adopted. Just as important as following best practices is the ability to measure your own performance, so that you can adjust as times change, and so that you can note the subtle nuances in your own code and define your own best practices by your own observations.

This book gives you the tools to observe and track the performance of your web applications over time from multiple perspectives, so that you are always aware of, and can fix, all aspects of your performance.

What you’ll learn

  • Describes the different aspects of performance, and explores the tools for quantifying and improving performance
  • Provides tactical solutions for creating tools to measure the performance of your own web applications
  • Learn to apply performance best practices, and how to quantify your results

    Who this book is for

    Pro JavaScript Performance is written for advanced JavaScript users and web developers. You will need a strong understanding of JavaScript to get the most from this book.

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