Parallel R:
by O. Ethan McCallum

Parallel R: <br>by O. Ethan McCallum
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Itís tough to argue with R as a high-quality, cross-platform, open source statistical software productóunless youíre in the business of crunching Big Data. This concise book introduces you to several strategies for using R to analyze large datasets. Youíll learn the basics of Snow, Multicore, Parallel, and some Hadoop-related tools, including how to find them, how to use them, when they work well, and when they donít.

With these packages, you can overcome Rís single-threaded nature by spreading work across multiple CPUs, or offloading work to multiple machines to address Rís memory barrier.

  • Snow: works well in a traditional cluster environment
  • Multicore: popular for multiprocessor and multicore computers
  • Parallel: part of the upcoming R 2.14.0 release
  • R+Hadoop: provides low-level access to a popular form of cluster computing
  • RHIPE: uses Hadoopís power with Rís language and interactive shell
  • Segue: lets you use Elastic MapReduce as a backend for lapply-style operations

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Pub Date: 11/2/2011