Vagrant: Up and Running:
by Mitchell Hashimoto

Vagrant: Up and Running: <br>by Mitchell Hashimoto
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How does Vagrant boosts the productivity of companies such as Mozilla, RackSpace, LivingSocial, and others? This comprehensive guide shows you how to create and distribute virtualized development environments with this powerful open source tool.

While Virtual machines (VMs) are portable and easy to run, due to their isolation from outside interference, many developers and system administrators have shied away from VMs because of the pain of setup and maintenance. With this book, you’ll learn how to gain the benefits of VMs without the hassle, using Vagrant to create a virtual machine that matches your production systems.

  • Learn about Vagrant's general use, and the concepts behind the tool
  • Get a practical, project-oriented approach that takes you from basic to advanced Vagrant use in a simple LAMP web application example
  • Explore case studies from various organizations that use Vagrant
  • Learn about common errors and get troubleshooting tips

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Publisher: O'Reilly Media
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Pub Date: 6/19/2013