Getting Started with the Parallax Propeller:
by Jessica Uelmen

Getting Started with the Parallax Propeller: <br>by Jessica Uelmen
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This is the definitive starting point for people who want to get up and running with Parallax's Propeller platform. The Propeller is a unique architecture among microcontrollers and will be interesting to folks who have mastered Arduino and need a bit more power and flexibility. The Propeller has the ability to do things in software for which an Arduino-based solution would need additional hardware.

Parallax released the Propeller microcontroller in 2006 as a follow-up to their BASIC Stamp module. It has become the chip maker’s flagship product and a favorite of embedded hobbyists. Propeller Quickstart development boards are available in every Radio Shack.

The Propeller (also known as the P8X32) is unusual in the field in that it has eight “cores” (called “cogs”) that can be programmed to run in parallel. The platform’s speed, power and price make it attractive for makers and artists, especially those interested in generating video and sound. People who got started using microcontrollers with the Arduino may find the Propeller to be the next step for more challenging applications.

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Publisher: Maker Media
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Pub Date: 6/22/2014