Understanding and Using C Pointers:
by Richard Reese

Understanding and Using C Pointers: <br>by Richard Reese
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Pointers are more involved than most programmers think and are frequently poorly understood. Comprehending and Using C Pointers will provide beginning and advanced C programmers with a comprehensive coverage of C pointers and illustrate good pointer programming habits, demonstrate the variety of ways they can be used. Comprehending and Using C Pointers will address an area that has been neglected and provide the deep understanding of pointers necessary to create a properly functioning application.

Although C is extensively use in industry applications, many aspects of pointers are not covered adequately in a typical C book. This book will use graphical models and comprehensive examples to illustrate key concepts and fundamentals of pointers, address compiler specific pointer techniques, and convey the dynamics of pointers and programming in general.

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Publisher: O'Reilly Media
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Pub Date: 5/22/2013