Make: Machines and Mechanisms: A modern maker's guide to technologies as old as the wheel
by Christopher Palmer

Make: Machines and Mechanisms: A modern maker's guide to technologies as old as the wheel<br>by Christopher Palmer
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If you want a deeper understanding of machines and mechanisms, this is your guide. You’ll learn what each part of a machine does and how to build it. Rather than blueprints, this fascinating hands-on book provides full-color illustrations and vivid examples of how to build and integrate various mechanisms. You’ll learn how to develop your own "mental toolkit" that lets you envision and then build what you need, without wasting time and materials—and without the frustration.

Make: Machines and Mechanisms is perfect for makers, artists, students, CNC hobbyists, robot builders, and non-technical people who love to take things apart, rebuild them, or design something from scratch.

Topics include:

  • Levers, axles, and shafts
  • Bearings, wheels, and gears
  • Cranks and rods, pulleys, and inclined planes
  • Drive belts and cams
  • Oscillating links, joints, and hinges
  • Springs, weights, flywheels, and screws
  • Ratchets and latches
  • Rotational links, U-joints, flexible shafts

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Publisher: Maker Media
Page Count (est.): 320
ISBN10: 144934531X
ISBN13: 9781449345310
Cover: Paperback
Pub Date: 9/22/2014