Getting Started with Processing:
by Casey Reas, Ben Fry

Getting Started with Processing: <br>by Casey Reas, Ben Fry
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Want to get in on the fun of programming graphics? With this handy book, you can learn how even if you have no programming experience. Processing, an open-source programming environment, makes it easy for anyone to create drawings, animation, and interactive images. Written by the co-founders of the Processing project, Getting Started with Processing is packed with projects you can dive right into.

Just download Processing (for free!) from and start tinkering with the examples in this book. You'll painlessly learn the core concepts of computer programming and how to apply them with Processing -- everything from getting started to putting the final touches on your graphics. Join the tens of thousands of hobbyists, students, and professionals who have discovered this incredible and educational platform. This book is your key to understanding the hundreds of free examples and reference materials available online.

  • Quickly learn programming basics, from variables to objects
  • Understand computer graphics fundamentals
  • Get acquainted with the Processing software development environment
  • Create interactive graphics, using easy-to-follow examples
  • Use Arduino, the open-source electronics prototyping platform, to control your Processing graphics

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    Publisher: O'Reilly Media
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    Pub Date: 7/2/2010