Linked Data:
by David Wood, Marsha Zaidman, Luke Ruth, Michael Hausenblas

Linked Data: <br>by David Wood, Marsha Zaidman, Luke Ruth, Michael Hausenblas
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Linked Data presents the Linked Data model in plain, jargon-free language and offers practical techniques using everyday tools like JavaScript and Python. Step-by-step, it works through examples of increasing complexity while explaining foundational concepts such as HTTP URIs, the Resource Description Framework (RDF), and the SPARQL query language. Readers will learn to use various Linked Data document formats to create powerful Web applications and mashups, and to effectively use emerging Web standards to access, find and query structured data on the Web.

Linked Data is a standards-driven model for representing structured data on the Web that gives developers, publishers, and information architects a consistent, predictable way to publish, merge and consume data. It's been adopted by many well-known institutions, including Google, Facebook, IBM, Oracle, and government agencies, as well projects such as Drupal and WordPress.

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Publisher: Manning
Page Count (est.): 336
ISBN10: 1617290394
ISBN13: 9781617290398
Cover: Paperback
Pub Date: 1/24/2014