Rails 4 in Action:
by Ryan Bigg, Yehuda Katz, Steve Klabnik

Rails 4 in Action: <br>by Ryan Bigg, Yehuda Katz, Steve Klabnik
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Rails 4 in Action is a fully-revised second edition of Rails 3 in Action. This hands-on, comprehensive introduction to Rails gives readers everything they need to become competent and confident Rails developers. It shows how to develop a ticket tracking application that includes RESTful routing, authentication and authorization, file uploads, email, and more. It explores powerful features like designing APIs and building a Rails engine. The book also provides Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development in action throughout the book--just like in a top Rails shop.

Ruby on Rails is an open source web framework. It's famously simple to build a basic Rails application. Once you've started down the track, however, you discover that Rails is a powerful, deep, and rich full-stack platform capable of tackling virtually any development challenge.

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Publisher: Manning
Page Count (est.): 600
ISBN10: 1617291099
ISBN13: 9781617291098
Cover: Paperback
Pub Date: 7/28/2014