Sound Effects Tips and Tricks:
by Eddie Bazil

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  • Clear easy to understand explanations
  • Diagrams, graphs and charts
  • Covers reverb, delay, chorus, phase, flange, distortion
  • 'Before' and 'after' audio examples
  • Creative uses of multi-effects
  • Audio files available for download

    Audio effects have been a much misunderstood subject, yet there isn't a single commercial film, video or music release, in any genre, that doesn't utilize them.

    Sound Effects Tips and Tricks is a clear, concise and detailed guide to all aspects of audio effects. It explains what sound effects are, how they work and how best to use them. Using audio and visual exercises this book explains how best to slot bread and butter effects naturally into a project, as well as exploring many of the more 'creative' possibilities for adding the icing to your audio cake.

    Eddie Bazil has designed more sound effects than many people have had hot dinners, and his production skills have featured on many chart hits. Now he's letting you into the secrets of his trade. He uses easily understandable language to lead the beginner or advanced user through the subject. Each effect is looked at in detail, and the book closes with an examination of the creative use of multi-effects.

    Throughout the book, 'before' and 'after' audio and visual examples, taken from actual projects, are provided to help you to understand the content both visually and aurally.

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    Publisher: PC Publishing
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    Pub Date: 8/15/2011