Java Persistence with Hibernate:
by Christian Bauer, Gavin King

Java Persistence with Hibernate: <br>by Christian Bauer, Gavin King
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Java Persistence with Hibernate is the new bible of Hibernate. As a major revision of the popular Hibernate in Action, it also builds on the same single example application to introduce and explain the latest Hibernate 3.2 in detail. In addition, the new and significantly improved EJB 3.0 Java Persistence standard, and how Hibernate implements it, is covered completely.

All possible basic and advanced Hibernate mappings are shown with hundreds of examples in Hibernate's XML format and with Java Persistence annotations for JDK 5.0 alongside. You can get started with Hibernate and Java Persistence at the same time. All examples for any subject - APIs, queries, fetching strategies, caching, transactions, conversations, and many more - are presented in all variations, so you can compare and evaluate the new Java Persistence specification easily. If you are an experienced Hibernate user, this book provides the insight you need to benefit immediately from the new standard, its excellent rich programming model, and the latest Hibernate version.

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Publisher: Manning
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Pub Date: 12/7/2006