JBoss in Action: Installation, Configuration, and Deployment
by Javid Jamae, Peter Johnson

JBoss in Action: Installation, Configuration, and Deployment<br>by Javid Jamae, Peter Johnson
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The JBoss 5 Application Server is a Java Enterprise Edition 5 application server that provides services that most enterprise applications need, such as security, transactionality, persistence, monitoring, resource management, and remote access. JBoss 5 Application Server is compliant with the specification defined by the Java Community Process.

JBoss in Action teaches readers how to use the JBoss application server, digging into the things that separate JBoss from other Java EE servers. This book goes deeply into the advanced features and configuration of the server. In particular, it focuses on enterprise-class topics, such as high availability, security, and performance.

The book walks you through the JBoss 5 Application Server, from installation and configuration to production deployment. It guides you through configuring the server’s component containers, such as the JBoss Web Server, the EJB3 server, and JBoss Messaging. It also gives you detailed insight into configuring the services, such as security, performance, and clustering. Beyond coverage of the core application server, the book also teaches you how to use some of the “hot” technologies that run on top of the application server, such as JBoss Seam and JBoss Portal.

The authors, both seasoned professional experts at developing and administering JBoss, provide meaningful explanations and background on many topics, all tied together with practical, real-world advice from their collective experience. The uniquely comprehensive explanations and the overall wide coverage provided in this book surpass any other content currently available.

This book is perfect for developers writing Java EE applications, as well as administrators responsible for maintaining the JBoss Application Server.

WHAT'S INSIDE: In-depth coverage of JBoss 5.x Application Server, including

  • JBoss Portal
  • Practical advice on running a production server
  • In-depth discussions on clustering, performance, and security
  • JBoss Microcontainer and JMX
  • Deploying applications
  • Configuring web applications
  • Configuring enterprise applications
  • Configuring JBoss messaging

    Javid Jamae started his career in software in the mid 90s programming in C, C++, and PERL, but quickly moved to Java programming. He is a certified JBoss instructor and teaches courses in Hibernate and the JBoss Application Server. Javid is also an Agile evangelist and spends a large portion of his time transforming, coaching, and training organizations in using Agile methodologies.

    Peter Johnson started working in Java in 1998 and was lead designer on projects such as a JDBC driver for the DMSII database that runs on Unisys mainframes. He is the chief architect on a team that analyzes Java applications and evaluates various open source software for enterprise readiness. Peter is a JBoss committer, working on the new admin console.

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    Pub Date: 1/29/2009