Lift in Action: The Simply Functional Web Framework for Scala
by Timothy Perrett

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Lift is a new web development framework built on Scala. Here's why you should learn and use it:

Lift will save you time. By employing a convention over configuration approach and providing sensible defaults, Lift shortens iteration cycles, making you more productive.

Lift is streamlined and production-ready. Unlike many experimental frameworks that hit the streets before they're ready, Lift includes only features that have an actual production use case. Its best practices are distilled from real production code.

Lift is (almost) infinitely scalable. Taking advantage of Scala's blend of functional and imperative language features, Lift avoids many of the size and performance problems that limit other frameworks.

Lift intelligently leverages standards and the JVM. Even though Lift is new and Scala may be unfamiliar, Lift retains many of the development metaphors you already know. And since it's built on the JVM, Lift will run nearly anywhere.

Lift in Action is a step-by-step exploration of the Lift web framework. It opens by presenting the core of the Lift framework, along with enough Scala to get you started. You'll move quickly, but the carefully crafted, well-explained, progressive examples make you comfortable from the start. You're through Hello World in no time, and ready to build something real.

Starting with Part 2, you dive into a Travel Auction sample application that covers most of the Lift's key concepts while introducing architectural and development strategies to build good Lift apps. Then, you'll continue to part 3, where you systematically explore all of Lift's features and components. A set of handy appendices offer a Scala crash course and a LiftRules reference.


  • Comprehensive coverage of the Lift framework
  • Introduction to Scala
  • The full Lift app dev lifecycle
  • High-value topics like enterprise integration and scaling
  • Emphasis on Security, maintainability, and performance

    This book is intended for users who are new to both Scala and Lift. Itís also organized to be a handy reference for developers already using Lift in the wild.

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    Pub Date: 11/28/2011