Spring Dynamic Modules in Action:
by Arnaud Cogoluegnes, Thierry Templier, Andy Piper

Spring Dynamic Modules in Action: <br>by Arnaud Cogoluegnes, Thierry Templier, Andy Piper
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Spring Dynamic Modules is a flexible OSGi-based framework that makes component building a snap. With Spring DM, you can easily create highly modular applications and you can dynamically add, remove, and update your modules.

Spring Dynamic Modules in Action is a comprehensive tutorial that presents OSGi concepts and maps them to the familiar ideas of the Spring framework. In it, you'll learn to effectively use Spring DM. You will master powerful techniques like embedding a Spring container inside an OSGi bundle, and see how Spring's dependency injection compliments OSGi. Along the way, you'll learn to handle data access and web-based components, and explore topics like unit testing and configuration in OSGi.

This book assumes a background in Spring but requires no prior exposure to OSGi or Spring Dynamic Modules.


  • An introduction to OSGi for Spring developers
  • How to use Spring with Spring DM
  • How to develop enterprise OSGi applications

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