iText in Action, Second Edition:
by Bruno Lowagie

iText in Action, Second Edition: <br>by Bruno Lowagie
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Search for "Java PDF" and what do you think you’ll find in the #1 position? Why, iText, of course. Ever since its launch in 2000, this open source Java library has been the most popular and most broadly used tool for programmatic creation and manipulation of PDF. With it you too can easily transform static PDF into live, interactive applications.

iText in Action, Second Edition is an entirely revised new version of the popular first edition. It introduces the latest version of iText, and it lowers the learning curve to its advanced features. Following its innovative, practical examples, you'll master new form types, including AcroForm, explore the XML Forms Architecture (XFA), and discover techniques for linking documents, creating a PDF based on records in a database, and much more.


  • Automate static and dynamic XFA forms
  • How to generate dynamic PDF from XML or a database
  • How to add digital signatures
  • Covers iText 5

    Written by the creator of iText, this new edition covers the latest version of iText and Java 5. The examples can be easily adapted to .NET using iTextSharp.

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    Pub Date: 10/29/2010